Our Process



Our McDermid Financial Group Process

The business of preparing insurance and financial strategies can be quite complex. For that reason, we believe in talking to our clients in plain language.  We also believe in the ongoing administration of your program after it has been initiated. We would appreciate the opportunity to serve you:

Establishing Relationship

It all starts with trust. Our most important goal is to understand your needs so we can fulfill them. Our strongest relationships have lasted since we founded McDermid Financial Group, and that level of trust has given our clientele great confidence.

Gathering Data and Goals

Preparation brings our most enduring success. We look forward to better understanding your portfolio and executing a comprehensive plan to strengthen it.

Evaluating Financial Status

McDermid Financial Group encourages an honest dialogue between client and advisor to help meet expectations. No matter your current fiscal position, we will get you where you want to go.

Review our Recommendations

All of our plans are dependent on your approval. While we serve your financial needs, our ultimate goal is to empower you.

Setting Your Plan to Action

When our financial plans meet your needs, we will begin to implement them. This is an exciting part of the process that will offer long-term results.

Monitoring Your Progress

At its best, working with McDermid Financial Group becomes a hands-on experience. We relish the opportunity to track your financial progress and fine-tune plans along the way.